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What We Do

We create an winning impact to individuals and organizations by:

  • Partnering  in building personal and work capability
  • Designing the most optimal learning architecture and 
  • Curating the right interventions for relevant outcomes
About us

We are Team KeyLearning.

KeyLearning Performance Consultants is the crystallisation of all the learning we have gained over decades of our work experience and the sharing of best practices of all who have worked along with us.  

We believe that true learning is possible when the desire to learn meets the right engagement to learn.

Through the approach of Educate-Explore-Enrich model, we focus on solving talent needs inside-out and make it simple for our learners to be excellent at what they do.

We are ready. ARE YOU?

After all, as it is said, the teacher appears when the student is ready!

Who We Are What We Do How We Do
We are qualified and experienced learning specialists who partner with you to gurantee success.
Our Facilitators and Consultants have over 30 years of work experience  in various industries.
Leadership Workshops
Skill and Performance Trainings
Executive Coaching
Learning and HR as a Service.
  • We create learning experiences using the most updated facilitation styles
  • We use Behavioral Science to assess, design and re-shape learning outcomes
  • Deploy the latest learning tools and use digital platforms extensively

Our Domains of Expertise

We believe in curating the learning experience for all our learners from various industries.

We also specialize in few domains of industry where we have wider experience and an automatic affinity towards talent and culture development.

Leadership Workshops

Customized and immersive workshops on all levels of leadership competencies and focussing on formualting winning leadership outcomes.

Business Skill Development

Learning and Actvity-based workshops aimed at developing Business Skills and the related competencies to build greater efficiency in revenue generation.

Executive Coaching

Building confidence, competence and commitment in identifying and overcoming personal and team opportunities though individualized and group coaching.

Sales & Sales Management

Identifying and building sales and sales management capability to create, develop and generate sales opportunities using very competitive and unique skills

Skill Assessments & Growth

Various Assessments and competitive benchmark assays that identify current skill sets and develop for future potential through development centers

HR and Learning as a Service

We provide all HR and Learning services to organizations who want to outsource these key functions to a diverse and multi-skilled learning organization

Rejuvenating our Leadership and Organizational strategy -making us Future Ready!


Learn and Transform now

Create a learning organization. Design Learning pathways. Enhance Performance. Increase Retention. Reduce Attrition. Upskill your team. Build your Leadership Benchstrength.

Start now!


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Meet our esteemed panel of Senior Learning Facilitators who will curate your ideal learning design

Design your Learning

Our Consultants will assess, interact and partner with you in creating your Learning.
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Creating Content for Delivery

Our highly capable multi-discipline Content Creation team will create compelling content for your need.

Monitor for RoI

We help you define and measure post-learning progress in the key metrics that define success for you

Do you already have an identified learning need?

If you want to explore the most optimal design for your learning need, all you need to do is to click below.

Our senior learning partners will work with you for your identified need.

We add value to the goals you value!


We continue to make an Impact

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Our major clients

Our clients pursue intentional growth and partner with us in building the right learning framework to achieve them. 

Below is a list of few of the many clients who repose trust in us.

And our list continues to grow!

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